Lab Control Systems – Warsaw University

Laboratory Ventilation Control – David Jefferies and Joanne Lawrence from Penair Medical visited Warsaw University bio chem department with colleagues from Halton polish office to see  the resent refurbishment of this facility has been improved using Halton’s Vita Lab Solutions Energy Efficient Airflow The challenges most commonly faced in ventilation for laboratory environments involve the […]

Accurate Cleanroom Controls

Halton Vita Cleanroom controls and maintains accurate pressurization The level of cleanliness and thermal conditions, keeping it adequate to the room class and procedures that are carried out. It will also respond quickly to process variations when needed. Read more about Halton Vita Cleanroom solution: Protecting the processes and the staff In the spaces that […]

Hospital of the 21st Century

Every year, the “Hospital of the 21st Century” conference in Warsaw, brings together hospital directors, heads of operational departments, hospital procurement professionals, designers, architects, and other healthcare solutions specialists. This year, Halton joined this group of experts again. The topics of the conference are related to the organization and design of various hospital units, modernization, […]

AfPP Conference – York 2023

Penair Medical will be attending this years Association for Perioperative Practice (AfPP) conference at York University in August, to discuss Halton’s new VEX unit Gas and smoke extraction solution The Halton Vita Extract solution provides a health-friendly work environment by removing hazardous gases directly at their source. Anaesthetic gases are collected from the patient’s mask […]

Our MD gets to meet HRH The Princess Royal

Eastwood Park Training Center with Halton Vita solutions officially opened by HRH The Princess Royal In April, we had the great pleasure and honour of attending the opening of the new Eastwood Park Training Centre, where Halton Vita solutions are installed. Every project launch is a great joy for us, and this ceremony was truly […]

Halton Max Ultra Circular (MUC)

Perfect for demand-based ventilation Quick to install due to the individually pre-calibrated airflow values. This airflow damper is maintenance free because the dust doesn´t affect the measurement sensors. Halton Max Ultra Circular has wide measurement range. Variable (VAV) and constant (CAV) airflow control applications Supply and exhaust installations Enables flexibility in terms of space layout […]

Protecting Medical Personnel from Exposure to Gases

How to protect medical personnel from exposure to gases and surgical smoke that create health hazards in spaces where they treat patients? Even low concentrations of anaesthetic gases in the room air can cause headaches, nausea and tiredness to medical staff. Surgical smoke generated in laser and electrosurgical procedures is an inconvenience and can be […]

AZ Sint-Jan Brugge, Belgium

AZ Sint-Jan Brugge is a public hospital in the city ​​of Bruges which offers innovative healthcare for everyone. This is a hospital where every patient can go for basic to highly specialized care. A few years ago, the AZ Sint-Jan Brugge started on a total renovation. A part of the renovation plan was to build […]

Halton UK distribution agreement signed

Penair Medical Ltd represents Halton Health care and clean room solutions in the United Kingdom Halton and Penair Medical have signed a resales agreement enabling enhanced value-add for health care and clean room projects in the United Kingdom. Cooperation enables high level of system level expertise and customer support from design to commissioning and site […]

Jyväskylä, Finland

Hospital Nova is the new central hospital in Central Finland. Hospital Nova provides specialist medical care services to 275,000 Central Finns and primary health care services to approximately 56,000 Jyväskylä residents. Hospital Nova is the largest public investment ever made in the province of Central Finland. It is also the first completely new hospital built in Finland since […]