Room Pressure Control | Safe Laboratory Environments

Exceptionally safe, efficient environments for laboratory professionals.

The challenges most commonly faced in ventilation for laboratory environments involve the safety of the personnel, energy efficiency, flexibility for changing the design on the fly, thermal comfort, suitable operation conditions, and reliability of the complete delivery.

Penair Medical’s Vita Lab solutions by Halton control the fume cupboards’ and bio-safety cabinets’ airflow in line with demand and manage the supply airflow or pressure control for the laboratory room.

The Vita Lab Room Solution

The complete delivery provides:

  • User safety
  • Reliable, fast, and accurate control of  functions,
    Alarm functions, monitoring, and local supervision
  • Energy-efficient and versatile solutions
  • Negative/positive control of the room’s pressure
  • Data transfer to a building management system (BMS)
  • Equipment delivery, start-up and commissioning, and life-cycle services

Importance of fast response time (the time in which stable control velocity is reached after the hood opening has a significant effect on the exposure)

Once the response time exceeds 3 seconds (equals 1s on the X-axis) the exposure risk increases significantly

After 5 seconds from the sash movement, the maximum concentrations at the hood opening may reach the exhaust concentration

Watch an animation showing how the Halton Vita Lab solution works

Halton Vita Lab Solo is the fastest and most accurate air-flow management system for all types of fume cupboards.