Isolation Room Solution

A flexible isolation room solution

The Halton Vita Iso solution is designed for environments that require patient isolation and provides safety for patients and hospital staff alike, through accurate pressure control.

Halton’s Vita Iso solution provides the ability to allow the staff to select the desired mode of operation in accordance with their needs.

This solution can maintain either a positive or negative pressure and even converts into contact isolation or a patient room with neutral pressure, thanks to a pre-programmed mode specifically for this purpose. That makes the solution flexible and adjustable to the hospital’s current situation.

The typical challenges in an isolation situation

How can one prevent microbes from spreading in the hospital’s isolation ward, and how are patients best protected when they have reduced immune capabilities?

How to avoid the costly situation of empty isolation rooms in normal conditions yet utilise the rooms well when there is a need for isolation? We have the answers.

Do you have a challenge that requires a solution?

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Why choose the Halton Vita Iso solution?


The Halton Vita Iso solution has the stand-out feature of allowing the staff to select the desired mode of operation as needs dictate.

This solution can maintain either positive or negative pressure, and it can even be turned into contact isolation or a patient room with neutral pressure, thanks to a pre-programmed mode.

The option to adjust the room pressure on an as-needed basis allows us to respond to the current situation facing the hospital and ensures that no room is ever left unused.

Protective airflow

In isolation environments, the medical staff are highly exposed to infections from patients. To reduce the risk and enhance the protection of the medical staff Halton created the Vita Iso solution with a unique protective airflow pattern.

The supply airflow is designed to generate an airflow pattern that prevents bacteria exhaled by the patient from entering the breathing zone of medical staff which increases
their safety.

Remote control and alarms

Medical staff can monitor and adjust the conditions of the rooms in real time via a user-friendly supervisory panel that shows the overview of all the rooms within the department.

The medical staff can monitor and change pressure mode, temperature and airflow rates.

Thanks to the panel by the door of each room the environment can also be monitored individually. The panels display a range of alarms to inform the medical staff about unusual events in the room and enable a quick response.

Watch the Halton Vita Iso solution video

Isolation rooms are one of the most demanding spaces in the hospital environment and pressure control is a critical factor when managing patient isolation. Watch the Halton Vita Iso animation to see how we can create a safe and flexible isolation environment with Halton’s solution.

Creating safe environments fro patient and staff alike