Pressure Stabilisers

Special Ventilation Situations

Air Pressure Stabilisers are used in Cleanrooms, Laboratories, Hospital Operating Theatres and other Healthcare Rooms where Special Ventilation is required.

Penair Medical have a wealth of knowledge in these products which make up an integral part of the room ventilation and air distribution system according to HTM03-01, HBN04 and other related standards.

The impact of faulty or broken pressure stabilisers would seriously degrade the pressure regime and the ability of the theatre to deliver optimal conditions.  They can also cause unwanted or distracting noise.

Pressure stabiliser installation at Eastwood Park

Why choose Penair Medical?

Unfortunately, we often see old pressure stabilisers that have had little or no maintenance which require attention.  According to HTM03-01 (part B section 4) Annual inspection and verification requirements say the general condition of the ventilation system must be adequate for its purpose to ensure the overall system is operating in a satisfactory manner.

Our solution is to offer a special Estates Department Service to advise on the replacement or repair of existing pressure stabilisers and also a design service where new ones are required.  This begins with a site survey to determine the best way forward.  We also have a fitting team who can install the new stabilisers to complete the process.  All this can be done ahead of the next scheduled Theatre maintenance to ensure compliance.

Let us listen to your needs and help you to create a solution that will deliver clean air to your high-risk work or patient areas.