Lab Control Systems – Warsaw University

Laboratory Ventilation Control

 – David Jefferies and Joanne Lawrence from Penair Medical visited Warsaw University bio chem department with colleagues from Halton polish office to see  the resent refurbishment of this facility has been improved using Halton’s Vita Lab Solutions

Energy Efficient Airflow

The challenges most commonly faced in ventilation for laboratory environments involve the safety of the personnel, energy-efficiency, flexibility for changing the design ‘on the fly’, thermal comfort, suitable operation conditions, and reliability of the complete delivery.

Halton’s Vita Lab solutions control the fume cupboards’ and bio-safety cabinets’ airflow in line with demand and manage the supply airflow or pressure control for the laboratory room, thus saving energy by reducing the over supply of air.

The Halton VAV

The Halton damper on the right controls the extract air from the fume cupboard to maintain the require face velocity at the sash, thus protecting the operator. In this case it has been set at 0.40 m/s as displayed on the left.  If the sash is opened or closed the damper reacts to control the extract and maintain the 0.40 m/s set point. It is also linked to the supply air via a similar VAV damper which regulate the supply to match this extract and thus only supply the amount of ventilation required to make the room safe and comfortable. 

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