12 ultra-clean ORs and 2 hybrid at Kymenlaakso Central Hospital in Finland

Have a look at how the operating rooms look? ready to be opened for patients and medical staff in the middle of the year.

Halton Vita OR Space

The main benefits of Halton?s Vita OR Space is the ability to provide an Ultra Clean Theatre (UCV) without the downside normally associated with conventional UCV installations. Halton?s system is a major step forward in the future of UCV theatres in the UK.

The basic difference is twofold, firstly there is no skirts or hoods visible below the ceiling, therefore nothing to create a feeling of enclosure or prevent the free movement of any medical equipment. The second improvement is we no longer create a small clean zone in the middle of the room (typically 2.8 x 2.8m in a conventional UCV room) but instead the whole room becomes the clean zone, meaning there are no restrictions on where equipment is placed, or staff can work.

Flexibility for the Future

  • A Halton Vita OR Space can be used for different clinical activities requiring different levels of air cleanliness, there is no restriction between, for example:
    • Orthopaedics,
    • Vascular,
    • Gastro etc.
  • This way you can reduce the number of rooms needed entirely, as Halton’s? Vita OR Space is flexible enough to allow for all procedures to be carried out in the one space or theatre.
  • The ventilation system and room air cleanliness does not restrict the placement of new medical equipment
  • The area above the operating table can be used for new medical equipment installations

Operational flexibility:

  • Enables variable layouts and location of medical equipment
  • No more confined working area
  • No more restricting air guiding? skirts?

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