Inoroom™ will supply all of the operating rooms for the new Kymenlaakso central hospital under construction in Kotka. The agreement concluded with Carea Sairaalat Oy covers 12 high-quality general operating rooms for demanding surgery and two hybrid rooms equipped additionally with large imaging devices. Inoroom™ was awarded the winner of public tendering out of competing takeover bids of the three finalists. The agreement was signed on 3 September 2018.

The planning of the implementation will commence immediately, and the tight installation phase will take place on the site from March to July 2019. The aim is to complete the construction of the whole hospital building in November 2019. The main contractor of the building project is Skanska.

Inoroom™ represents state-of-the-art operating room technology as a turnkey construction

Inoroom™’s delivery includes wall and ceiling structures with containment for operating rooms, doors, windows, bracketing system for fixed operating room equipment, room control and AV systems, monitor locations and a complete functional and technical installation including electric and communications cabling, ventilation system with recirculated air, hospital automation and a hospital gas system.

The room control and AV system equipped with large touch screens provides the staff working in the premises with an opportunity to themselves adjust the room conditions as needed each time

The operating rooms are implemented as an overall supply by exploiting the advantages of a modular delivery. What this means for the client is that they will receive high-quality operating rooms quickly delivered and completed and at the price which was agreed in advance. A controlled prefabrication guarantees a quick and smooth installation phase. Inoroom™ will have the overall responsibility of the indoor conditions of the operating rooms.

The delivery project that is about to commence is Inoroom™’s sixth within a three-year period.

“We concluded that Inoroom™ is a reputable and reliable partner whose earlier deliveries have all succeeded both in terms of schedule and budget. In addition, we value the reliability of an overall delivery. Operating rooms contain several separate systems that need to be integrated, and delivering them separately was seen as a high risk. In an overall supply, the responsibility is up to one single partner, which further contributes to the completion and security of the operating rooms”, says Project Manager Kai Heiskanen from Carea Sairaalat Oy.

It is great to see how Inoroom™’s high-quality operating room environment has been appreciated by their users and hospital owners. The step we have now taken towards a demanding central hospital environment will provide us with an opportunity to show how our arrangement boosts the building stage and is applicable to large projects as well”, says Mikael Sokolnicki who is responsible for Inoroom™’s development and business.